Full Circle

Brand Virtue’s Mission to Bring it Full Circle by Giving Back

Full Circle

It’s all about sharing our successes by giving back to our communities whether it is the adoption of a company-wide recycling program or the sponsorship of a charitable organization event or hosting a high school student for a day of shadowing to learn about your business. *Research tells us that the concept of “modern virtue” is in the mind of the consumer when they evaluate brands and companies. They develop a closer relationship with brands they consider socially responsible. As your marketing advisor, I will work with you to explore and implement socially responsible programs that are the best fit for your company.

  • Consumers are generally willing to put their money where their values are.
  • Consumers expectations towards brands are growing.
  • Consumers are distinguishing brands by a collection of distinctive traits, behaviors and projected attitudes.
  • Consumers loyal to virtuous brands benefit emotionally from their engagement with these brands.

To bring this concept full circle, Brand Virtue will donate 5% of your total annual fees to the non-profit organization of your choice, on your behalf.

* Brand Virtue as a Competitive Asset,Context Marketing and Noesis Research